Our Mission

Here at Proudly.blog our ambition is to share extraordinary stories from everyday people within the LGBTQ+ community. Proudly wants to provide readers with compelling articles from all around the world and to use our platform to give you a voice. 

We are not like other news organisations; we want to put you first. Our site is tailored to your interests, your preferences and your stories to make your experience the best it can be.

This is hopefully the beginning of something special. We at Proudly want to thank everybody who has liked the page, commented on our content, shared any of our stories and for coming along this crazy journey with us.

As a self-starter business we do not have any form of budget or a team of employees. All the content that is created is from either our creator or incredible volunteers, freelancers and people who have asked to share their amazing stories with us as they want a platform to showcase it on. 

Please bear this in mind when viewing our content, we are not looking to compete with any other news site, we thrive on being different and offering a unique original concept.

Our stories will offer readers guidance, support and inspiration on the big issues. You will be able to read personal blogs, celebrity interviews, breaking news stories and so much more content to explore. 

Although we are unaware of what the future may hold for Proudly.blog, we like to think the possibilities are endless.

All we can say is one more thank you for being a part of this crazy journey with us and we appreciate all likes, comments, shares and any engagements you have with us. 

Thank you for joining us and enjoy your visit here at Proudly.blog

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