Dear our Proudly people,

We are going to be as honest and upfront as possible when writing this. Proudly have been amazed by the incredible amount of support we have received over our first few months.

Our favourite thing to do is share honest and personal stories from incredible people within the LGBTQ+ community.

Sadly, not all of the stories we have posted have had happy endings, we had to relive memories of break-ups, loss and sometimes had people sharing how close they were to ending it all themselves. 

We’ve also been able to interview some really inspiring people from drag artists to Hollywood icons. Although we have seen a rapid increase of viewership figures, social media followers and involvement we must never forget our roots.

This Proudly project began following the sudden passing of my best friend. Originally used as a platform for me to share my mental health story before it became what it is today. Proudly has now had the pleasure to share many contributors’ stories too from all different backgrounds. 

To be able to use my platform to share these important stories from these strong individuals has made all the sleepless nights, hard work and dedication to make Proudly into what it is today worthwhile. 


But a reality check is sometimes the hardest and most difficult thing to accept. I am an unemployed journalist who is suffering mentally due to lack of job opportunities and no income. Like everybody I have them days when I just think what’s the point? I give so much and sometimes it feels that it isn’t enough. 

At Proudly we have so many ambitions in the future we are excited to kickstart. Our ProudlyPod (podcast), our YouTube channel, short-docs, build a Proudly team and most of all we want to begin an LGBTQ+ charity-based clothing line. These donations will help me continue to do what I love everyday. Proudly wants to represent the LGBTQ+ community right but we are going to need some sort of support, we can’t do this alone.

We ask kindly if anybody could donate to Proudly via GoFundMe to help make our dreams become a reality and really start to take off. If that is not possible any likes of our content, follows on our social media pages or sharing any of our articles. The more interaction we get the bigger chance we have of growing, expanding and making sure we are able to do all we possibly can to provide our followers with the best content possible. 

From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you enough. Every single one of our readers have helped me get through 2020.

We are overwhelmed with the fact we have currently raised £90 out of our £1,500 target within the first hour. We do not expect anything, which is why we can’t thank everybody enough, it honestly means the world .

link to donate-

With love and with pride, 

Aaron x


GoFundMe Link

Thank you to everybody who is willing to donate and contribute to our future. We love you x

Click here to go to the GoFundMe page.