Introduction to the series

Welcome to a new series on Proudly dedicated to showcasing the amazing array of talented LGBTQ+ artists in the music industry today.

Each article we will be sharing a new singer who has reached out to us who we feel our readers will relate to and will hopefully love their music.

Music as a whole can be subjective and is the most diverse artistry in the world. So we are going to bring you a variety of different artists from all different backgrounds, music genres and stories.

Our first music artist is the uniquely talented enigma that is Long Rainey.

Proudly presents Long Rainey

Long Rainey is a sonic sound garden cultivated of pop synths and big bass.

One hears mastery of emotion through sheer, electric vocals. Long’s new single “Nothing is Forever” brings you multi-prismatic “spirit pop.” This new artist packs a kick straight to the bass drum.

“Nothing is Forever” was released on the 1st September 2020 and weaves a complex story of love, loss, and the party in between. Listeners hear 90s house synth dancing over unrelenting bass and drum; music sure to keep dancing in the mind of critics.

Flown in a pop stratosphere and grounded in timeless lyrics, “Nothing is Forever” will be featured on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, iTunes, and Apple Music.

Watch “Nothing is Forever” on Youtube

A special behind the scenes look at Long Rainey

“I want you to taste all the flavors, I want you to have all the dreams.”

Long Rainey on what he wants to achieve in music

One of the newest Black, Queer artists to hit the scene, Long Rainey makes more than a splash. Artistry discovered through roots in the Black Church, his dance music seeks to mingle tears into your two step.

Long Rainey’s musical alchemy transmutes pain and betrayal into what he calls “spirit pop”. Self produced, self recorded Long quenches the desire for new indie queer music.

His self titled, 11 track debut album Long Rainey features many dance styles all in a bite-sized pop album format.

Listen to Long Rainey’s self titled debut album: Long Rainey’ here!