Who is Patrick Ladonis?

Producer, writer, and actor Patrick Ladonis , a multi-hyphenate in his own right brings you the new hit web series, SCALES, a show that centers around Remy Howard, a guy who’s drawn to complicated relationships and people.

Writer, Actor, Director and creator of SCALES Patrick Topping

The start and rise of SCALES

SCALES made its YouTube debut in June 2018 and the highly entertaining digital dramedy quickly began to resonate with audiences across several mediums. The series showcases the LGBTQ+ community in a way that really challenges the status quo.

SCALES has become the newest bing- worthy digital series to watch. The series has gained over 100,000 views, and has reached almost 1,200 subscribers in a very short time.

The series protagonist, Remy Howard is a gay successful black man, trying to find love, manage a career, and support his friends. One of Remy’s best friend’s is played by Trans actor, Marcel Post, who’s storyline focused on his inability to support his girlfriend and remain committed to his friendships. Series creator and star, Patrick Ladonis did not feel it was necessary to make Gavin’s story about his sexual identity, instead showcase stories that were universal but played by characters who reflect the world in which we live.

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Patricks first experiance with film

Patrick got his first start into the entertainment arena in 1996, when he was cast in the film A Time to Killalongside Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson, and Matthew McConaughey.  It was the late Joel Schumacher, the director of the film that noticed Patrick and placed his character known as the “militant teenager” in scenes with America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock, that Ladonis developed a love for filmmaking.

Ladonis was also featured in 48 Hours with Dan Rather as well as being featured and interviewed on the Leeza Show, in 1998.

Earlier this year, Patrick launched his own production company, iamPLS Productions. ” I want my legacy to show the next generation that being who you are and who you love is just as normal as drinking a glass of water. Last month, SCALES premiered on Revrytv which is the largest global LGBTQ+ streaming service in the country seen in over 250 million households. Two seasons of SCALES are currently available, and season 3 will premiere later this year. 

I want to change the game in how we are seen across all mediums” Ladonis says. SCALES could easily be on Netflix, Hulu , or any cable channel and it’s only a matter of time before that opportunity comes.

“When that door opens, I plan to walk through it, but have keys made for those coming beside me to showcase their stories as well.”

– Patrick Ladonis, creator of SCALES

SCALES can be seen on 

A sold-out event held for a SCALES show premiere

If readers want more information about the exciting next series of SCALES you can check out this website. Or you can watch [revious episodes direclty from the SCALES YouTube channel.