Disappointing results show british opinions are still split over trans rights.

A recent YouGov study has revealed the extent of the UK public’s divided opinion over trans rights. It highlights the sad reality that in 2020 we still have a long way to go for true equality and acceptance. The fact that this survey even exists is distressing.

The study separated participants into groups based on age, gender and political views. It was found that men, older people, leave voters and conservatives were more likely to be opposed to transgender rights.

Graphic sourced from YouGov

The path to acceptance

The study revealed a glimmer of hope for the future with 18-24 year olds being the most likely to agree (54%) with the statements “a transgender woman is a woman” and “a transgender man is a man“.

Sadly still less than half of the general population agree with these statements. It was found that men were more inclined to disagree than women.

23% of the general population were unsure on whether they agree or disagree. Consistently across all questions and categories the response of ‘not sure’ ranges between 20-30%. This indicates there is a big opportunity for educating the public on what it means to be transgender.

Graphic sourced from YouGov

Using facilities

A major topic for debate around trans rights has been the use of single sex spaces. Even Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has expressed transphobic views on this.

Typically support was lower for transgender men and women who have not gone through sex reassignment surgery.

Graphic sourced from YouGov

Making trans lives easier

There appears to be very little support for the transgender community when it comes to reducing the difficulty in transitioning. Only 28% of the public thought that it should be made easier for transgender people to legally change their gender.

61% agree that there should be sufficient evidence a person has lived in their true gender for at least two years before making the legal change.

Graphic sourced from YouGov

Hope for the future?

It seems there is some hope for the future. We’re slowly progressing towards a more accepting and loving world where people can be free to be their true selves. We may be a little way off yet, but together we will make it.

How can we help?

No matter what your gender identity or sexual preference may be, you CAN be an ally and stand with the brave transgender men and women in our community.

1. Donate

There are so many incredible charities out there supporting transgender men and women. Here are just a few of the many places you can donate: Mermaids, The Marsha P. Johnson Institute, Trans Lifeline and Trans Equality.

2. Hear trans voices

It’s so important to listen and share stories from people in the transgender community to raise awareness. Listen to your trans friends, retweet their tweets, share their posts and make sure their voice is heard. 20-30% of people didn’t know the answer to each question on this, educating people can go a long way.

We at proudly stand with the transgender community and will always use our platform to help shine a light on the inspiring stories of transgender people. This week we shared an inspiring story by Caitlin Spice. If you want to use our platform to share your story please get in contact.

3. Challenge transphobia

It can be difficult to challenge others on their transphobic beliefs but it can be a great help. This doesn’t mean you need to shout or fight, educating people is key. This article by TUC is very insightful on how to be a good ally at work.