It’s Corona time

If you have accessed any sort of social media’s since the beginning of the year, you ultimatly would have come across the word ‘coronavirus.’ This term is to do with the worldwide virus that began in an animal market inside Wuhan, China in December 2019.

Since the virus began it has quickly spread across the whole country. Similar to viruses such as the flu, it is said to be spread by droplets from the nose or mouth or coming into contact with contaminated surfaces or skin. The fear of the disease being highly contagious and potentially life-threatening has caused a worldwide hiatus with European countries such as: Italy, France and Spain on complete lockdown as the infected toll equates to over 2,000 a day, these countries have now enforced strict lockdown rules.

Most European countries have tightened their borders and restrict movement into the country from other European places. This has resulted in thousands of cancelled flights including my own to Croatia at the end of the month. In my lifetime I have never seen a worldwide epidemic such as this affect so many people, so many businesses and everyday life as a whole. The stats are truly horrific and it brings no shock to anybody that many countries are currently on ‘Red Alert.’ On this day of writing (18/03/2020) their is over 200,000 people infected worldwide, 8,250 deaths and still over 115,000 active cases, it looks like this disease will not stop anytime soon. With all upcoming sporting events (Olympics, Football Domestic Leagues, Euros, WrestleMania), musical festivals (Glastonbury Eurovision) either postponed, made to be behind-closed-doors or cancelled completely.

There is no end to the epidemic, wherever you are, no matter your conditions and whoever you are, we are all at risk. With the peak of the disease not even expected until June, there is currently 2,626 cases of Covid-19 confirmed within the country. With the numbers growing rapidly, we can only take each day as they come and follow all guidelines enforced by the government and specialists. With most of the UK population currently working from home, self-isolated, remain in quarantine or still required to travel, stay safe and follow all precautions accordingly, we can only fight.

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There’s more to life than fear itself

Now I have addressed the epidemic it is now time to look at the bigger picture. Although at first these ever-growing figures of Covid-19 cases may seem shocking it still does not equate to the figures of other significant diseases. With an estimated figure of around 606,520 deaths from cancer in 2020 and over 800,000 deaths a year due to suicide.

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An Instagram story from @Addisonzegan discussing the raising figures of Covid-19 inside the UK

Especially with self-isolation looming as the country faces lockdown everybody is needing to find ways to remain socially active. This means to make sure you are not becoming restricted and strained in regards to feeling isolated or alone. I’m sure it will be a very difficult task for members of the public who are anxious or suffering with mental health problems to be left alone for the foreseeable future but there is no alternative. This is why people like myself are in need of my friends and family more than ever to reach out to check on my well-being, if I do not remain busy I get trapped within my own thoughts and can spiral out of control.

There is so many different layers to this disease than the virus itself, panic and stock buying being one of them. As many people know by now following the videos posted online, you will witness hectic scenes in supermarkets fighting for household items until all stock is gone. Yesterday for instance when I went to Sainsbury’s to pick up toilet roll (not an essential item to battle Covid-19) all the aisle was gone despite the two packs limitations now put in place, this was the same for: beans, fruit, hand sanitiser, soap, pasta and even flour. With more weaker people not being able to contend with the demand they are sadly the ones who need it most. People such as the elderly who are more at risk are not being able to get any essentials because of the stock piling of shoppers panic buying. This has been addressed by certain supermarket chains though such as Iceland who will now open stores early for older and pregnant shoppers so they can get all their needs first in demand before they are gone and miss out on the rush hours.

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The world is in crisis and there seems to be no end in sight, all we can do is hope. Stock-piling, business making staff redundant, restaurants and pubs remaining open should not be happening right now. If we are urged to self-isolate then social spaces should not be open, it is only going to spread more and get worse.

I am definitely not a specialist but I know what is best for myself and can only make recommendations, stay inside, be productive and make the most of your free time. Inevitably we will return to civilisation and everything will return back to normal and what will you have to show for it? Now is your time for change, lets make a difference.

Follow goverment guidelines, spot early signs of contamination and react effectively and most of all stay safe.