Here’s To You

Getting through the past few months has been the toughest challenge that I have ever endured. From the sudden passing of my best friend, leaving my job because of my mental health troubles and becoming a pigment of who I once were. This resulted in me reaching an all time low physically, mentally and financially.

Each day getting harder, I struggled to get out of bed and despite the astounding amount of support I received from people close or acquaintances, it was never enough. I would usually just skim read each message and provide the same generic response as I knew they wouldn’t be reaching out further down the line when it gets harder.

This is expected when you lose somebody, it starts with a sudden shock to everybody. Instincts kick in and trigger an emotional reaction, as time passes it allows the news to settle in and then they begin to feel sympathetic and pay respects towards the people who are most affected. Although once the original engagement is made, they no longer feel a need to check in at a further date.

Although one person has supported me through the whole journey, somebody who has been there everyday for me good or bad, he has been there during the darkest of days and continues to make me smile even when it seems impossible. When I had no income, he paid all debts I owed. When I am doing job applications or writing blog posts, he reads each one willingly and gives me guidance, even when I may complain as I think i’m always right. He came into my life when I was at my worst and somehow picked up the pieces and built me back to becoming who I am today, a person I am proud of. Since November 1st, I have been lucky enough to call this person mine.

That person is indeed my boyfriend Owen Forrest, I honestly could not ask for anymore. Despite this being the most troubled period of my life, I have also shared some of my most enjoyable moments with Owen too. From meeting the Frock Destroyers to taking him to Newcastle, meeting his family in Cornwall and him meeting mine in Birmingham. We also will soon be jetting off to Croatia together for our first holiday and will see one of my favourite artists NF in concert this month. Honestly the past four months have been unforgettable.

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Thank You

This is an open letter to you Owen, similar to the blog post I did for Jessica titled ‘Dear Best Friend’, I wanted to write one about you just to say thank you. Hopefully this is a nice surprise for you as you usually review all my posts before publishing besides this one and I know you have e-mail notifications on, so I wanted this one to be a surprise.

Hopefully you read this and are made aware of how incredible you are and how lucky I am to call you my boyfriend. Each moment we share, every memory we make, it becomes more special knowing I get to share it with you. Legit within the four months of being together we have not spent more than three days apart due to missing each other, we have become ‘that couple.’ Despite this, we both still make time for our friends and now we have to balance working life for the both of us. Although this just makes our time together more valuable and gets me even more excited to see your cute smile light up the room when I see you next. Either it be a day trip somewhere nice, a club night to Gales or just have a chill weekend in bed watching TV and playing WWE, I would not want to spend my time anywhere else.

I don’t want this to become too cringe and unbearable for mutuals reading this article, although I felt a blog post like this was necessary. This whole blog wouldn’t of even been a thing if you would have never encouraged me to use my pain and my passion productively. Because of this I have shared a story that could possible help others similar to myself who currently need it most. From the amazing response from the viewership figures to the feedback received on my personal social media accounts, this blog has done just that, it has helped people. This has also reignited my love for journalism and writing as a whole, it has gave me a clear direction to know what I actually want to achieve during my time on this earth. I want to make a difference and to be recognised as somebody who can help others, either it may be through writing, public speaking or visually, this platform has given me a chance to do just that.

Despite beginning this blog at first as a coping mechanism, it has become a fully grown hobby which has given me a platform to document my journey through life, show exactly who I am and what I want to achieve. Currently pursuing this hobby in the aim to one day hopefully make it a full-time job, I have currently passed all application process tests to work within some of the biggest media companies in the UK. This is a chance I don’t think I would even be given a second glance at if it wasn’t for this blog and without the continued support of my viewers.

Honestly I can’t thank the readers of this blog enough for supporting my growing blog and the amazing feedback I have received since starting up. Although the biggest contribution to it all is Owen, he likes, shares and provides me with feedback on all blog posts announcements across all of my social media accounts.

I Love You

Mentally, physically and financially I am at a better place right now thanks to you, I don’t say this lightly, I do not know where I would be without you. you are my boyfriend, best friend, advisor, accountant and support worker all in one. Here’s to you Owen.

The last four months have been both memorable and incredible because of you and I look forward to many more memories, laughs and adventures within our future together. No matter what the future may hold, everyday we just hope for a better tomorrow and I know it will be with you by my side.

See you later.

Love you xoxo