Following on from the interval of NF’s opener, next to the stage will be a set by superstar DJ Marshmello, before being accompanied on stage by the internationally recognised artist Khalid.

These two artists have individually made a positive impact towards me in my toughest times so they will be discussed separately before addressing the duet between the two.

On stage first will be Marshmello.

Marshmello – Happier, Alone, Here With Me

As an upbeat artist with an uplifting rhythm, Marshmello is a go to EDM DJ when you are feeling low. Although there is a certain degree of raw emotion inside his lyrics and music videos when you research into his songs. This then brings me onto one of my favourite songs and videos by Marshmello titled, Happier, featuring Bastille.

The main theme behind the song is a break up melody. This song highlights that despite the relationship has reached its tail end, they may still be holding onto something that is no longer there. However, subconsciously he knows that the only way his significant other can be “happier” in letting them move forward on their own.

On another note the chosen music video concept took a whole new avenue. Unlike the lyrics, the music video showcases a timeline of a little girl receiving a golden retriever for her birthday. In a tearjerker music video it displays the bond between a woman and a dog who are now two best friends for life. As the video progresses it shows the little girl grow through her school years into college where he dog sadly passes away. Although the song took a full life-cycle, finishing with a heartwarming moment of her gifting her daughter with an adorable dog similar to the one she was given when she was little.

An overall loving song , from the lyrical content to the accompanying music video, I would definitely recommend it to anybody who needs a pick me up.

Similar to this, Marshmello’s debut song titled Alone also features lyrics relating to mental health. An example of these lyrics can be found inside the repeated melody, accompanied by a catchy beat to create this electronic dance hit. “I’m so alone
nothing feels like home, I’m so alone, trying to find my way back home to you”. These lyrics have a deeper meaning relating back to Marshmello’s lonely past. Wishing to return back home to a loved one, the DJ is seeking love and affection that he receive once he has found his way back.

Hating the feeling of loneliness and never wanting to be alone, another smash hit by Marshmello titled Here With Me, addresses the same topic. Scared of attracting strong feelings for somebody, they feel alone when they are not around. Lyrics such as “I think I see your face in every place that I go, I try to hide it, but I know that it’s gonna show. Every single night, I find it harder to sleep, cause I need you here with me”.

All these songs have discussed certain periods in my life and have helped me deal with tough situations in the past. Music is an amazing gateway for people who wish to steer away from the real world even just for a couple of minutes. Marshmello is an amazing artist who leaves listeners with an uplifting positive feeling and continues to help me consistently.

Khalid – Eastside, Young Dumb & Broke, Silence

Listening to Khalid for the first time during my second year of University I discovered the smash hit Young, Dumb & Broke. Releasing in 2017, Khalid was only 19 years old when the song came out and has received over 636 million hits on YouTube!

Discussing a big problem within youth is finances, although it won’t affect the good intentions he has towards his loved one. With lyrical content such as “What’s fun about commitment? When we have our life to live, yeah, we’re just young dumb and broke but we still got love to give”. This highlights the choices you have in life where you wish to just live with no commitments or promises and just enjoy growing up as you are only young once.

Eastside is a more recent hit produced by Benny Blanco with the vocals of Khalid featuring Halsey that addresses a different type of relationship. Labelled as a bittersweet melody, the song addresses childhood love stories morphing into adult relationships. Wishing to runaway and relive their happiest moments growing up, this song perfectly explains the feeling between two lovers who want to recapture memories of their childhood. With lyrics such as “So come away, starting today, start a new life, together in a different place, we know that love is how these ideas came to be, so baby, run away, away with me”.

Khalid has a common theme within his music that matches his tone of voice and his specific stylistic vocals. This is why this sort of music fits his nature of performances so fittingly and why he is so successful at such a young age.

Silence – Marshmello Ft Khalid

Lastly I will be discussing a song that has helped ease the pain and numbness that follows on from losing somebody. Silence is a song I have luckily had the pleasure of hearing life during Marshmello’s 2017 Creamfields set.

A song about acceptance, it highlights a man who openly expresses his difficulties and limitations. Talking self-consciously with his mind, the song is a battle of the emotions within the artists head. Searching for acceptance within himself, he finally finds peace within his own demons. An example would be the lyrics ‘I found peace in your violence” shows that they no longer wish to battle with their emotions.

Khalids vocals add a certain degree of raw emotion to the lyrics accompanied by a slow paced rhythm that has a catchy beat following every chorus. This song perfectly shows somebody who wishes to overcome a mental battle they have with themselves in order to develop relationships and move forward. Although the constant back and forth of emotions between each verse perfectly summarises how difficult this transition can be.

Overall the song is mostly about accepting loneliness as independence and being happy within yourself to no longer feel trapped and isolated. Once you are free to express and find love within yourself then you will never hear the silence.

Somebody who was questioning my own sexual identity during the lease of this song I was having constant battles within my mind where I considered myself wrong. It was a battle that without the help of others I would have lost and I would have never achieved happiness and would forever have remained trapped within my thoughts of what if?

Listening to this song now brings me back to a dark time in my life when I did not ever think I would achieve peace within my own thoughts and how far I have come. This is why this song will forever remain an identity within my personality and means so much to me.

These two artists have helped me massively during a very difficult time in my life therefore I think these two are artists who I would defiantly recommend listening to if you haven’t already.

Following on from Marshmello and Khalid’s amazing individual and duo set. Next will be Logic, Alessia Cara and Khalid coming together to sing the suicide awareness smash hit of the summer 2017 titled ‘1-800-273-8255,’ fittingly named after the suicide prevention hotline number in America.