With the first week of the new year drawing to a close, I consider everything that I want to achieve this year. Taking my first big step into employment since graduating, uploading more written content onto this blog and exploring sights I have never experienced before.

I have a lot to look forward to already this year. In March I will be going to see one of my favourite artists NF at the O2 Birmingham and I have booked a holiday with my boyfriend to Dubrovnik. With much more plans in the work, 2020 seems to be one to look forward to.

Hotel in Dubrovnik Croatia
Hotel in Dubrovnik where me and Owen will stay

In one of my most recent blog posts titled My 2019 you can read all about the new adventures I explored that year. One of them was my personal highlight of 2019, attending my first pride festival. Not only attending one but three and each were as amazing as the other for completely different reasons. I attended the Brighton Pride, Newcastle Pride and Manchester Pride. Wishing to return to these prides later this year, I also wish to attend London and Birmingham amongst going international for the Gran Canaria Pride.

Alongside trying new things, exploring more sights and achieving all targets, 2020 will bring upon surprises nobody can prepare for. I will just have to ensure that I keep on track of all expectations and take as much time to focus on my mental health wellbeing. 2019 brought a lot of heartache and loss amongst the happy memories it was hard to find a balance. Although that experience has helped me grow and build as a person and it has driven me to become a better version of myself. Make every moment count, take every opportunity and explore every avenue.

This is why pursuing this blog and uploading daily content seemed unthinkable but since beginning writing and hearing all the positive feedback it urges me to keep going. Last night I was told that I now have a platform that gives me a voice, I just need to keep talking and sharing, there are better days ahead. Hearing feedback like that from somebody who writes content I admire really urged me to continue. Not only does this allow me to express myself but enables me to also speak honestly and freely. All content uploaded are my views and opinions based on my real life experiences and hopefully that is clearly shown when reading my blog posts.

In 2020 I want to pursue a career in writing, creating content and using my communication skills to excel. Since finishing my degree last year I am yet to have received a breakthrough moment where I can flourish and show off my ability working for a company or news organisation. This is why instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself I have decided 2020 is the year i’m going to break down these walls myself. No opportunity is going to be handed to you and that is exactly why i’m going to be working my butt off to build up my portfolio and become recognised.

Despite these targets being very ambitious and it looks unlikely at this point, there is no certainty in life. This is a motto I am sticking to inside my blog because nobody will know what is around the corner and what is in store for you next. Life is what you make of it and that is exactly why i’m improving everyday. I will take each day as it comes as symbolism for a step towards achieving my goal. This is why each day I will reflect upon what objectives I completed before deciding if I achieved each daily target and took a positive step towards my goal. Breaking down all expectations into chunks will help me balance my workload so I can focus on my mental health wellbeing.

Everyday I want to be a better version of myself so I can reflect upon my 2020 differently to my 2019 and be proud of the man I become. Wishing to explore, learn and enjoy, 2020 will be the biggest year of my life where I will learn more about myself than any year prior. Despite being currently unemployed, having nothing to my name and having 0 luck, i’m still the happiest I have ever been. I’m trying new things such as writing that I was way too anxious to try before, I have found somebody who loves me for who I am and has supported me throughout the toughest period of my life and has never complained once. My family have finally accepted me for who I am which seemed unthinkable in the days I was told I would be ‘thrown out’ ‘never have a family again’ and could ‘break the family’ for being gay (I will write a blog post about that in the future). Despite all that i’m still here and i’m still happy.

Never be afraid of who you are and never forget what you represent and everything you want to achieve, there is nobody stopping you but yourself. It will always be a tough battle and it may seem like one you will never win but nothing in life is easy and sometimes it may leave a scar, but each setback, every rejection and every dismissal builds you into a stronger person. These scars may stick with you but they represent your past and are apart of you forever, despite it not being all that pretty, they helped shape me into who I am today. I am finally at peace with who I am and hopefully this inspires people to accept who they are and make 2020 their year.

Similar to my other blog posts, I would appreciate any sort of feedback and hear your stories and what your plans are for 2020 so please feel free to get in touch with my socials that I will put in below:




Thank you!